What is reality and what is real? Are we responsible for our destiny? Can we decide ourselves or are we a sum of interacting programs? If so, it would be pretty cool to re-program those programs.


Welcome to quantum matrix. Here we are.


Simple, highly effective and practically proven techniques allow deep changes that activate the original primal state.


This is the state that holds all potential, the way we were programmed before patterns of childhood, parents, relationships and society as well as injuries or diseases kicked in.


Quantum matrix gets us back there, reprograms our matrix, gives us the chance to move on and step up.


Be who you are and become who you can be.


What is Quantum Matrix?

Working with quantum matrix provokes deep changes. These changes get your matrix back to the original plan, the one that was laid out for you, so be aware that your life might change fundamentally, because you ask for it.


Scientific explanations for quantum matrix are abundant in quantum physics, energetic physics, the superstring theory as well as the morphogenetic fields by Sheldrake.


ACQM (Angelika Cortolezis quantum matrix) combines methods of Dr Bartlett (matrix energetics with the 2-point-methods) with the experience of Dr Kinslow (quantum healing), Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizedek, the Chinese Quantum Method (CQM) and others.


How does Quantum Matrix work?

Quantum matrix is no treatment, no transfer of energy, but transformation.


Applying quantum matrix is no treatment and involves no form of energy-transfer. Quantum matrix is no healing session. It is a system reboot. The practitioner cleans up the system as a whole or works on specific bugs, both emotional or physical, and gets them in order.


There is hardly never touching or any other form of body contact. The quantum matrix practitioner allows the connection to a wave of transformation towards higher levels of vibrations and information. Through re-programming of your matrix, desired possibilities are activated on quantum level and are realized or manifest in the reality we live by.


Why do it?
We do quantum matrix simply because it increases the well being and quality of life in all respects. This may be our emotional or physical state as well as what and whoever surrounds us: