Will anyone ever understand quantum matrix?

Transformation is activated on quantum level through one or more waves. On this level everything is connected to everything. Deep transformations take place and are often not to be grasped with our limited imagination. Everything is allowed to change. What counts is the transformation, not if we understand how it works.


Time and space do not exist on quantum level. There are no polarities. A wave of transformation may last forever and transcend everything, just as it may last only the tiniest fragment of time and get through space the size of a paper-cut. What matters is not that we can understand it, but that we can accept that it is the way it is. For a reason quantum physics is the latest, the craziest, the most unrealistic branch of physics, and every scientist imagines it in a different way, simply because of the fact that there is no time and space, thus it cannot be understood with the patterns and beliefs we have learned to live by.


Transformations on quantum level go so deep, are so profound. Probably it is better to be satisfied with feeling the changes rather than trying to understand how they happen. Fact is that the matrix that constitutes the way we are built or made up and what we are made of in connection to the reality we live by is changed and those who have had a session or are giving

sessions feel it.



What possibilities does quantum matrix hold?

We all can activate our matrix, we can change our system software the way we want to change it. This involves every aspect of life. The possibilities of quantum matrix are endless. From easing the traffic to curing pain, all the way to the most radical change of life that you never would have thought possible.


With what can quantum matrix be compared?

The matrix can be seen as the operating system, or the software that the system runs on. Our system as well as the system of the world around us. Everything we experience or encounter and all provoked emotions and reactions are irrevocably saved on this giant hard drive.


Also bugs, typos, copied programs, programs of others, even trojans and viruses are saved and influence our perception, thus our reaction both bodily as well as emotionally, which in turn shapes our reality. Only conscious deactivation or erasing of saved data or programs leads to change. So we can activate spontaneous and long lasting changes by aimed transformation on all levels – bodily, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Where is the matrix?

Quantum level is the sub-atomic wave of transformation. This is where the matrix is. The original matrix, the plan of how it originally was and how it is supposed to be. The matrix into which all is transformed back into.


What do we aim at?

We deserve a life of well-being. We have a right to be well in every aspect, every situation of life in terms of health, job, private, personal, inside, outside, familiar, etc. We have a right to live a happy life. Quantum matrix aims at this exact well being for everyone and everything involved. Blockages and disturbances are solved and integral transformational processes are activated.


What is the initial order?

Every outcome is in accordance with how it all is supposed to be, how it all is in order, the initial state of being that allows the best outcome for everyone and everything involved. Total harmony. Our initial matrix is the basis for our perfect state of being. Quantum matrix reveals or re-reveals this initial code, this blueprint of all things that allow us to grow the way we are supposed to be in each and every aspect of life.


Quantum matrix gets to the core of things, so deep transformations take place. All transformations, all outcomes are what you need, because you are reprogrammed back into the initial matrix, and this may mean profound changes in your life, which may initially not always be understandable and appreciated.


Does quantum matrix always have effect?

As soon as the wave of transformation has been activated, it all takes its course.


Does life change through quantum matrix?

Life gets easier and the adventure playground re-emerges. Changes come like hurricanes, like twisters, we see and feel them turn things upside down, because things have to be turned upside down in order for the matrix to allow it all to get back into the initial state of being, the basis on which it can all develop the way it all was programmed to be, the best way for myself and everyone and everything involved.

I am safe in my inner space of trust and peace. In this space I see things happen from the position of an outsider standing in awe watching it all happen with no filter, no judgment, nothing but deep appreciation for the fact that I am holding the reins for a reality that is being laid out knowing that this is the best possible reality for me and everyone and everything involved.


When should quantum matrix come into my life?

There are situations and pains that feel like no matter what you do, who you talk to, whatever you try, nothing changes. It seems like there is a knot that does not want to unwind, a mud that does not want to dry, a mountain that you just cannot climb, or a pain that does not want to go away. You are stuck. There is something that makes you just not be able to get through it. It just does not want to flow. There is the need to simply deactivate the undesired and activate the desired, as simple as that. The need for a system format and total reboot.


Have you ever asked these questions?

What is reality and what is real? Are we responsible for our destiny? Can we decide ourselves or are we a sum of interacting programs?

Do we deserve health, success, family, partnership, money, job, passion, lightness, conscience and joy of life? Is there more behind problems, poor success, pain, fear and blockages than we think?


Then you are ready for a journey into our matrix for new possibilities, for our freedom of conscious creation. It is so interesting to look behind the scenes of reality. We discover that we can steer reality and that we have direct access to it. We can recreate our own matrix and witness the transformation. Everything is possible.


Be who you are and become who you can be!


Where does quantum matrix lead?

Quantum matrix is the path towards solutions, the way towards possibilities and knowledge. A fundamental goal of this path is to consciously change a given state of mind and to activate the best possible solution to an issue, an area or a state of being.


Does quantum matrix transform?

Quantum matrix is no energy treatment or healing, but transformation. It is not a treatment, no energy transmission, but transformation. A wave of transformation is activated and grants access to higher vibrations or energies through which, what we wish for, is activated on quantum level and manifests in reality. Simply put, our reality is transformed according to what we wish for. In other words, we create our own reality.


Quantum matrix is transformation to how it’s meant to be - the original state. Simple, highly effective and practically proven techniques allow deep changes by reorganizational processes through which the original primal state, the state of how it is all meant to be, is activated.


Is quantum matrix a combination of techniques?

ACQM – Angelika Cortolezis quantum matrix combines methods of Dr Bartlett (matrix energetics with the 2-point-methods) with the experience of Dr Kinslow (quantum healing), Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizedek, the Chinese Quantum Method (CQM) and others. Scientific explanations are abundant in quantum physics, energetic physics, the superstring theory as well as the morphogenetic fields by Sheldrake.


Is quantum matrix universally applicable?

Quantum matrix is applicable on all levels, which include the world of animals, plants, things, etc, because on subatomic level everything exists in the form of light and information, waves and particles. It is our limited consciousness that limits us in any form.


Is quantum matrix addictive?

Quantum matrix applies techniques, methods and insights to increase quality of life and well being in all respects. Nothing ever experienced compares to it - quantum matrix is to be experienced and lived!


Can quantum matrix be overwhelming?

Working with quantum matrix provokes deep changes. These changes get your matrix back to the original plan, the one that was laid out for you, so be aware that your life might change fundamentally, because you ask for it.


Is quantum matrix a form of energy healing?

Applying quantum matrix is no treatment and involves no form of energy-transfer. The quantum matrix practitioner allows the connection to a wave of transformation towards higher levels of vibrations and energies. Desired possibilities are activated on quantum level and are realized or manifest in the reality we live by.


What is the substance of quantum matrix?

Quantum physics scientists refer to quantums as the smallest particles of reality that surround us. Way smaller than atoms. They are the smallest components of matter and therefore constitute the primal substance of the world and therefore reality that we are able to perceive. At the time being, scientists are trying to find out whether and in what way quantum’s have conscience or not.


We refer to matrix as the composition, the program of a being like humans, animals, plants, bacteria, etc. but also of lifeless matter such as a table, a car, a book and so forth. Matrixes are interrelated, connected and embedded in each other. They interact and are subject to constant change. There is no time and space. This radical concept is state of the art subject of science.


What is activated in quantum matrix?

Activation of the wave of transformation. Synonyms are a wave of composition, configuration, design or a wave of healing. Pure consciousness and the intention of heart in combination with the power of imagination take on a crucial role both in the practitioner and the subject.



How does quantum matrix work?

Quantum matrix transforms on quantum level by the skill of transformation and corresponding sciences. With targeted techniques and methods the practitioner consciously activates this process of transformation. Working on the finest level, the quantum level, the reality we live by can be influenced, changed and restructured. The un-desired might collapse into the desired, in other words a matrix of quantums that constitute an undesirable reality is transformed into a composition that leads to the desired. The desired of the universe, that is. The initial state, the primal beginning out of which everything can arise. The ideal state is downloaded onto a rebooted system.


Can quantum matrix change reality?

Fact is that we can influence perceived reality on quantum level, which in turn means that we can change it. It does not matter what changes need to be made, as from the perspective of quantum level everything consists of light and information, of waves and quantums. This includes everything - us, the world we perceive that surrounds us, that we are in, and what we think of as reality.


How does quantum matrix feel?

Applied methods and techniques of quantum matrix have immediate effect. We can often feel the transformational work on our body. Reactions can reach from feeling it slightly over visibly tumbling all the way to falling down – often accompanied by laughing, crying, coughing, yawning, singing, moaning, bending, tiptoeing, wiggling, even slight spasms may appear. Feelings of being in a wave, standing on waving ground, or even being pulled to one side appear. One might sense heat, cold, flowing energy, the feeling of sinking into the floor, getting heavy or light, or even colors, pictures, symbols. Some feel deeply happy while others have the worst pain, some feel the most pleasurable calmness, are touched in tears, or feel utmost freedom and are somewhat enlightened. The feeling of unity, awareness, and spontaneous realization of connections and interrelations – may it all happen.


How long can a quantum matrix wave last?

Usually a wave is only felt during the session in which this wave of transformation is activated by the practitioner. This being said, spontaneous bodily symptoms sometimes may occur even a week or two after the activation of that very wave during the session. The feeling of weightlessness or at least a sense of being very light both in terms of weight and free of restraining thought patterns is immense. The more often a wave of transformation is activated, the more natural and quick this feeling is reached, and the more profound it is. People talk about transcendental encounters during sessions with the deepest inner peace.


What are the effects of quantum matrix?

Needless to say, the effects of transformations are often profound and may at first glance be somewhat weird or unforeseen, however the crucial point is that everything gets into order, back into the natural state of how it all has been designed in the first place, a design that allows the best outcome for each and everyone and everything involved.



Does quantum matrix open up a new level?

Change comes quick and goes deep. Ways and opportunities that would have never thought possible suddenly open up, a feeling of being guided may kick in. Surprising solutions show towards the most unsolvable problems, unbearable situations escalate, climaxes create time and space for the new, even though there is no time and space, or maybe just because? Potentials emerge out of the nothing.


Does quantum matrix have a specific focus?

Quantum matrix does not treat or heal. Quantum matrix transforms. Focus is the transformation, not the problem, neither the solution, because the solutions comes as it comes, because everything gets back into order and holds the full potential for everything to happen for the best of everyone and everything involved. Transformation happens on quantum level, what we feel is the effect, which turns into the solution, if that is a better way to understand. Everyone and everything really includes it all. People, matter, animals, atoms, the subatomic level, simply everything, because it all consists of quantums, light, information and waves. Waves of light, of information, of quantums – with no time and space.



How is quantum matrix applied?

Methods and techniques of quantum matrix can be applied standing, sitting, or lying down, in the same room or even as remote as from one side of the globe to another. They can be directed to humans, animals, situations or matter. Simply because of the fact that on quantum level there are only waves of light and information with no time or space.


How often can quantum matrix be applied?

A wave of transformation can be activated an endless number of times. There is no too much or too little. Whenever anything does not run smoothly and does not flow, a wave will help. That’s the beauty of it, anytime anywhere because there is no time and there is no where. Again, it might be easier not to try to understand it but just be aware of the changes once a wave has been activated. It’s not magic even though it feels so.



What are the fields of application of quantum matrix?

We apply quantum matrix in all aspects of life and all forms of body, health, spirit, soul, mind, emotion, visible, invisible, material, immaterial, supra-dimensional, past, present, future, family, finance, job, friendship, personal, animal, botanical, matter. The only borders is our conscience, our innate limited imagination!


  • people, animals, plants
  • matter, things, parts
  • health, spirit, soul, mind, emotion
  • visible, invisible, material, immaterial, supra-dimensional
  • past, present, future
  • events, processes, projects
  • situations of everyday life
  • relationships, family ties
  • finance, job
  • patterns we no longer want to be forced into



What are the ways of application of quantum matrix?

  • Self-application
  • Application on someone else
  • Distant session
  • Single sessions
  • Group sessions


What can you target with quantum matrix?

  • pain and disease
  • imprinted patterns of belief and behavior
  • irrational convictions
  • blockings of thought processes
  • limiting programs
  • family structures and power games
  • deficiencies in friendships and partnerships
  • job related problems
  • school and educational issues


What might be the outcome of quantum matrix?

  • inner peace and power
  • self-healing powers
  • unfolding of innermost potentials
  • new neutral perspectives
  • the lightness of being
  • harmony and love
  • expansion of consciousness
  • clarity and stability
  • joy and trust
  • success